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Akins Plumbing have over  40 years’ experience in providing quality, long-lasting plumbing solutions. We are commitment to sustainability and the environment and are the plumbing contractors brisbane who are really making a difference.  The company’s strong foundations and reputable name began in 1976 when Darryl and Annette Akins set out to create a small and humble family plumbing business in Brisbane. With a new company structure, Gavin and Kathy Akins will continue on with the legacy and incorporate their own company values for a sustainable business for the Brisbane community and for the environment as a whole.

Our Promise

We look to the future and take pride in giving back to the environment and community. Our goal is to provide long-lasting, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions that will save you money in the long run.

Constantly striving to remain at the forefront of our rapidly-expanding industry, at Akins Plumbing, we ensure we are constantly building on our knowledge, skills and use of cutting-edge technology, to give you a superior service not offered anywhere else. Our friendly team of fully-qualified and experienced plumbing contractors Brisbane will address any concerns or requirements you have, to deliver quality service with a smile.

Our Contribution

Going above and beyond with our commitment to sustainability, we proudly support a number of charities, including:

  • Plumbers without Borders
  • Community Generation
  • Drop4Drop


Plumbing Contractors Brisbane Skills

Fully licensed, registered and insured, you are guaranteed quality and professional workmanship every time when you choose Akins Plumbing for your plumbing needs. Offering a level of quality, expertise and care unrivalled within the industry, Akins Plumbing is the smart choice for all your domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing needs.

Our Values

We are a family-owned and operated company who pride ourselves on maintaining the core values that have allowed us to succeed thus far. Above all else, Akins Plumbing values:


Passion is Excitement, Passion is Confidence, Passion is Contagious


Be True and Authentic


Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated


Learners = Thinkers


People, Planet, Profit

For the very best team of plumbing contractors Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich, please call us today on 3891 7480 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.

Meet the Team

Gavin Akins – Director

Gavin has been in the Plumbing Industry for over 20 years. His Direction as a business leader in the last 12 years has given him insight on how to create a great relationship with clients. “Working ethically with clients is very important to me as I believe that if they are more than satisfied with my work they can rely on me time and time again which create’s great business practice. We as a company have a social responsibility to the people, the planet and to shape a successful business where current and future employees are passionate about working.”

Kathy Akins – Manager

plumbing contractors brisbane

Kathy has worked in the customer service Industry for over 20 years. Patience, attentiveness and communication skills are what gives Kathy the edge to help you with your needs. Kathy has incorporated into her daily practice streamlining processes to reduce office waste by using digital technology. “Offsetting our carbon footprint as individuals and as a company is important because we need to consider those who exist after we have left this beautiful Earth.”

Although emailing is essential for any small business, Kathy is a traditionalist when it comes to building a working relationship with clients and suppliers. She enjoys making new contacts to build better networking groups where everyone benefits.

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