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It is terribly inconvenient when your hot water system unexpectedly fails. Particularly in the cooler months, a reliable and consistent hot water system is essential.  Akins Plumbing provide quality gas hot water brisbane installation and maintenance services for domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout South-East Queensland. If you’re looking for the right hot water systems in Brisbane, we’ve got you covered!

Specialising in all things hot water related, our team has the skills and experience to offer quality hot water installation and maintenance services across Brisbane.  Akins Plumbing provide quality you can trust,  long-term, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.  We also help our clients understand how they can make changes to become more sustainable.

On top of offering comprehensive and affordable hot water installation and maintenance of gas hot water Brisbane and surrounding areas, we also supply a wide range of electric, and solar hot water systems from leading brands, including:

  • Reece
  • Chapman’s Plumbing Plus
  • Tradelink
  • Thermann
  • Rheem
  • Rinnai

Whatever your needs, we can help you find a suitable system that’s right for your home or business.

Akins Plumbing is fully insured, registered and licensed. We guarantee our workmanship, giving you total peace of mind.  We ensure all of our work is performed with attention to detail.  Your property will be treated with care as we clean up after the job is complete.  Flexible payment options are available for your convenience, just ask to speak to Kathy in accounts.

For the very best hot water system installation across Brisbane, contact our friendly team today on (07) 3891 7480 to receive your free no obligation quote!

Gas Hot Water Brisbane

Gas Hot Water Brisbane • Staying Safe

How do I know the matter is with my hot water system?

Unless you reside close to a natural spring, hot water isn’t a naturally occurring event, it’s there as a result of your hot-water tank is functioning properly, therefore if you’ve got no hot water, there’s a problem together with your hot water service. The vital factor to remember regarding your hot water heater is that problems come on slowly. Your hot water heater will seldom simply pack up without any warning – you’ll generally notice that you just are waiting longer for decent water than usual, otherwise you realise that there’s less of it after you shower.

The best time to take care of those problems is once you initially notice them. Keep an eye out for:

  • Sporadic hot water delivery
  • Less hot water on some days over others
  • Delays within the water heating up
  • Having hassles maintaining with demand
  • Water is showing rusty
  • The system itself is leaking water

It’s necessary to get on top of any problems with your hot water system early to stop any flow on harm to your home. Resolving water damage can be a vast expense that’s best to avoid. If you believe problems with your hot water system are because of a leak, realise it is a plumbing emergency and phone us ASAP to limit the harm to your home. It will save cash and inconvenience to have your hot water system checked and maintained. There could be a little repair that may have to be done to take care of the problem, and lengthen the lifetime of your heater. The longer that you simply wait to take care of a difficulty, the higher probability that it’s about to become larger and costlier to fix. If you get to the place where you’ve got no hot water coming out of your pipes, you aren’t simply facing a significant problem, but you’ll need to get a replacement hot water system.

Whether your hot water system is gas or electrical, Akins Plumbing Brisbane specialists are here to resolve your issue quickly. With plumbers trained and practiced in a variety of plumbing problems, and accredited to work with gas systems, we have you covered.

Can I “DIY” my hot water system?

Unfortunately, your hot-water tank isn’t a thing that you simply will fix on your own. Whether or not it’s gas or electrical, you need to call out professionals like us who have the expertise, tools, and also the ability, to mend the problem and have your hot water properly flowing once more. The hot water system is one of the foremost dangerous items of equipment in your home. From the day we are born, we are instructed regarding the hazards of water and electricity, and the way volatile gas is. Therefore it’s necessary to remember if you aren’t accredited to work with these parts, to call somebody who is.

Is your hot water system service acting up?

Bringing the convenience and pleasure of totally functioning gas hot water brisbane into peoples homes is what we do. Book a quote with our friendly and knowledgeable plumbers brisbane to have your hot-water tank quickly repaired or replaced.


Generally cheaper to purchase and install
Can be installed without access to gas lines
Can be installed both indoors and outdoors


Renewable and non-polluting, absolutely no fuels required!
Generally have the lowest running costs & long-term payments
Ideal for locations that have a consistent exposure to sunlight


Less expensive to run in the long-term
Well insulated, meaning it requires less energy to maintain water temperature
Gas heats water quicker than electric systems

Heat Pumps

Heat pump water heaters use over 60 per cent less electricity
They can be easily installed to replace most traditional electric water heaters
No need for a gas connection or solar panels on your roof.

Gas Hot Water Brisbane • Repairs • Replacements • Upgrades

We carry out maintenance and repairs on most models and makes of gas hot water systems. Akins Plumbing also has full replacement service that can be carried out in the case that your hot water system is beyond a repairable state. In some cases, the replacement option can save you money in the long term with the manufacturers guarantees considered.

Hot water systems are constantly being upgraded and improved. The gas hot water systems of today are more efficient, effective and even smaller. Akins Plumbing are experts in this field. With have over 40 years experience installing gas hot water systems throughout Brisbane, we have a fair idea of what you need.

Our mission is to offer the best value and service your money can buy. We are interested in the long term results for you and your family and or business. The environment and offering energy efficient plumbing services are a big focus of ours. So whether you require a new installation, full replacement, upgrade or repair, Akins Plumbing are the right choice.

Gas Hot Water Brisbane

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