Brisbane Blocked Drains


What Can Cause a Blocked Pipe?

Tree roots

Kids toys or other foreign objects

Baby wipes

Aged and deteriorated condition of the pipe


How Do I Know If I Have Brisbane Blocked Drains?

Water fills up the toilet then recedes slowly.

Outside drainage may overflow

Bad smells from overflow and or sinks

Water recedes slowly from sinks


How Much Damage Can Tree Roots Cause?

If you suspect tree roots as the cause of your blocked drain then you need to call a plumber before it gets out of control.  Tree roots in your pipes can cause considerable damage to your stormwater and sewer systems.  A broken sewer system is cause for unsanitary conditions and is, therefore, a health concern to your family and environment.  To keep your family safe, call us now to have an inspection.


What CCTV Drain Camera Do You Use?

We use the RIGID rM200 Camera System which combines portability and versatility to make your drain inspections easy and efficient.

A camera inspection is included as standard when we do a drain clean.  With the camera included,  we can give you a diagnosis about the cause and a guarantee on rectifying the problem.  This will save you time and money in the long run as problems will occur again if not completed correctly the first time.  Akins Plumbing are commitment to quality services and doing the right thing by customers.

Once the drain has been cleaned by the water jetter the camera is inserted into the pipe.  It has a measurement guide to allow us to pinpoint where the pipe is damaged if any has occurred at all.

Images will be provided to show you what the SeeSnake Camera System has picked up on.

At that time, a quote will be provided if further work needs to provided to rectify any complications from damage to the stormwater pipe or drains.


Avoid putting caustic soda or harsh chemicals down your drains.  Not only will it corrode your plumbing even more so, its bad for the environment and not good for humans.

Putting chemicals into a blocked drain will leave it sitting on top of the blockage allowing it to burn its way into the pipe.



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